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A walk to Gocta Waterfall – Photo Gallery: Amazonas

The alarm sounds, I wake up, it’s still dark, it’s 5am. We have a good breakfast, store some fruits, eggs, plenty of water and we leave early to walk the nearly 6kms trek that leads to the skirts of the Gocta waterfall.

We walk between trees, in zig-zag and with ascents and descents. I only think of how incredible it is to walk through this forest, between pure plants breathing fresh air and sweating in unusual amounts, listening to the birds’ noises, trying to decipher where is the one who made that supersonic, almost spatial noise. I cannot find it. The more we walk the trail becomes narrower and the humid trees, filled with intense green mold, look like an enchanted forest of a fantasy book. From time to time we arrive at some point where there is a space between tres that allows us to see the immense waterfall to which we are arriving at slow pace.

I stop to breathe, I see the leaves that have fallen from the trees on the floor. They are yellow, orange and red, depending on how long they fell of the tree. It is beautiful.

I keep walking, I know we are getting closer because the noise of the water is increasing. After hiking the last hill I come to see the true magnitude of this waterfall. I approach the lagoon where the water falls to feel the strength better. It is impressive to stand under this immense abysm and feel the sparks of water falling, the wind blowing in all directions agitated by the mass of water. I put on my swim shorts and go through the sharpest stones I’ve ever walked on, sculpted by water. The sound gets very strong and the water on my back hurts more with each step that I take towards the impact zone. What an adrenaline rush to be here.

Between the cold wind and the strong drops of water falling from more than 500 meters high I am invited to swim back through the lagoon to the other side.

I take off my wet clothes, trying to cover myself from the wind and water drops. Everything changes, everything changes every minute, every second. The stream of water moves, it falls with greater force from time to time, the clouds pass by and the hot sun comes to warm us for a few minutes, then other clouds come and everything darkens again.

I think that there is a first engine that drives the tides, that from time to time it rages and tries to speak through the currents. I think I am a privileged being. I think of the perfection of the place, the innate harmony it shows. I think there are millions of places like this on earth, I think how much I need to know and how much more I will never know. I give thanks for being there, for being a part of all that.
I think about gravity, all bodies have gravity… the bigger, the more gravity; and this gravity attracts other bodies. The earth attracts the moon. And they, in turn, are attracted to the sun. There are other planets that the sun attracts and they all make up the solar system. And that system is within the Milky Way … one of the infinite galaxies in the universe, in chaos. I think of how tiny I am compared to the immensity of the waterfall.

I thank again for having the privilege of witnessing life. I look at the birds that fly over me, they do not seem to have a destination, they’re just enjoying the afternoon. I contemplate the trees, the stillness that characterizes them, I contemplate the enormous stones, I imagine they must have been different in the past and that the water has carved them. I think about time and how important it is. And everything is there, so perfect and harmonious… After watching for hours the water falling as in slow motion we decided that it is time to return.

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