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“Huaicos” in Peru formed amazing waves

March 15 this year (2017) was a day that Punta Hermosa will never forget. In the morning, a fishing boat had run aground with hundreds of pounds of drugs, leaving many packages of marijuana afloat in the sea and on the shore. There was a lot of movement and chaos all morning in the neighborhood. Police in the streets, in the sea and even in helicopters making sure no one took anything. However, a lot of people found these packages while surfing or walking along the shore. It was an unprecedented event.

But the reality was that the day was just beginning. At three in the afternoon of that same day, a huge “huaico”(huge force of water, mud, stones and whatever more it drags on it’s path) which had always been dry, descended straight into the town of Punta Hermosa.

Just as this huaico descended in Punta Hermosa, it also descended in Punta Negra, along Santa Rosa beach. This wave was already called “the huaico” but most people had never seen a huaico go down there either.

The huaicos were coming down with great force during the next days and forming a tremendous sandbar never seen before. The beach, which had always been pure stones on the shore, now had several meters inward of sand bottom and formed the best wave we saw in Lima lately. A humble mixture of Pipeline (Hawaii) and Skeleton bay (Africa) but in a peruvian style, with muddy brown water and a strong aroma but with incredible tubes.

People soon ran the word and the beach became a circus. There were around eighty or more people surfing waves here all day long. The wave was amazing, it did’t need much swell to break perfect and also could stand some size. Every day the beach was mutating by the soft sand bottom, which was changing by the currents and the waves.

Today it has been almost a month since the first day of huaicos. The beach has changed a a lot. It is no longer the perfect barreling wave we saw at the beginning but who knows how it will change with the big swells coming in winter.

It is important to mention that the country has been terribly affected by these heavy rains, many people have lost everything and many cities have been flooded and declared in emergency. This isn’t a celebration of any kind. Luckily the state has done a very good job and the people of Peru have been very united to help each other and overcome the disaster.

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