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Road Trip: From Lima to Cuzco

A few weeks ago, in company of the great Columbia and Intu Collective team, we embarked on a new road trip adventure from Lima to Cuzco. The idea was to stop at different points along the route and enjoy the road. So they planned some stops where we could see some of the different scenarios that Peru has to offer.

The first destination was Paracas, so we met the first morning in Barranco and loaded the cars to start the trip through the Panamerican Highway. We stopped in a classic and incredible place of homemade breads near Pucusana to get a couple of hot mud-oven made breads with cheese. Then we arrived in Paracas, had a great lunch, enjoyed a quiet afternoon and went to sleep early. Our next day was going to be busy.

On Wednesday we woke up and went kayaking through the beautiful bay of Paracas. Birds flew above the sea, the blue of the sky and the glassy water came together to give us an incredible panorama. The sun was appearing and the whole group was enjoying the ocean. We paddled towards a little beach where we decided to stop and chill there for a while. The journey ended with unforgettable “Conchitas a la Parmesana” and a taipá of rice with shells. It was an excellent day!

In the afternoon we had to go to Nazca, so we decided to cross the National Reserve of Paracas. We continued the road trip through this incredible desert that showed us the beauty of the simple open space formed by thousands of dunes with different shapes and textures. Scenarios I will not forget. We arrived in Nazca at night and ate a handmade pizza, took a hot shower and sleep like a baby.

The next day we headed to Pampachiri. A village located in the department of Apurimac. The road is very imposing. You go uphill surrounded by huge hills and then go down for a long way, just to end up going up again. We arrived at the village where we took a detour that would take us to Pancula, the stone forest.
As we entered, the stones took very peculiar shapes, like upside down cones. We wondered how they could of been formed, how many years have had to pass for them to be like this.

We set up the camp and waited for the night with a delicious grill. The moon came out and it started to slowly light the forest of stones in a way that formed amazing shadows with the cone shapes. It was a night of many stars, fire, good food and friends. We talked about not needing nothing more than that. We were all very happy.

The next day we woke up and entered the forest. There were very large stones above some cones, like if someone would of carried them and put them there. Really incredible natural sculptures. Others were cut in half, as if someone with a huge saw had done the work. It was perfect. It was a very satisfying walk. Caves, stones, different paths everywhere to walk through these huge triangular stones. I would have liked to keep walking but the trip continued.
Before leaving the village, we stopped at “The Smurfs House”. A family that had used the cone-shaped stone, making a hole in the middle to live inside of it. They owned a huge land and the forest. It was their home! He told us that everything he needed was given to him by the land, he did not need anything else.

We followed the route along the road and had a wonderful surprise of a unparticular sunset. Full of intense colors of red, orange, yellows in immense rainy clouds. We also saw a nice rainbow and then a electric storm made a crazy show to end of the day. That night we slept in a nice simple hotel on the outside of Cuzco.

The next day we headed to Ollantaytambo to catch the train and sleep in Aguas Calientes. A good shower, a rich meal and to sleep! Our journey ended in the magnificent Machu Picchu. What else could we ask for? We trekked to Machu Picchu Mountain. A very rewarding two-three hour hike which gives you another higher perspective than the classic view and lets you see the entire Inca city from up high.
We finished our trip with this wonderful experience. It was six days of pure incredible experiences. Six days of contemplation of Mother Nature, six days of demanding the body to remind us how beautiful it is to live and move! Six days in good company.

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