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I am a Peruvian photographer. My interest in photography covers a wide range of topics, including photos of nature, people, cultures, extreme sports, abstract forms, etc.

One of my passions is the ocean. This passion arises early in my life, when I was 13 years old, and started catching waves on my bodyboard. This sport took me to ride waves in many beaches of Peru and the world, including Chile, Australia, Indonesia, and the Canary Islands. I grew a passion for marine photography and, gradually, for cultures, activities and people related to the sea. Then, my interests expanded to other extreme sports, landscapes and nature.

My passion for photography and my curiosity for knowing new places and people has led me to travel around the world and to experience different lifestyles. In all these places I wanted to give a testimony to the world throughout the eye of my camera. I think this eye allows me to freeze in time all that is extraordinary, but fleeting: a wave, a sunset, a jump bike, children playing, the eyes of an old man, the shadows of trees, reflections of houses in a waterway...

Through this website I want to share all that inspires me and invites me to create: photos, videos and music.