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24 Apr 2017

“Huaicos” in Peru formed amazing waves

March 15 this year (2017) was a day that Punta Hermosa will never forget. In the morning, a fishing boat had run aground with hundreds of pounds of drugs, leaving many packages of marijuana afloat in the sea and on the shore. There was a lot of movement and chaos all morning in the neighborhood. Police in the streets, in the sea and even in helicopters making sure no one took anything. However, a lot of people found these packages […]

21 Feb 2017

Chilca: The Mysterious Surf Paradise

Some years ago I got to know one of the best waves for surfing along the peruvian coast. A beach that had been hidden for years, out of sight of the surfing crew; or at least, the secret of this wave had been very well kept. It was amazing to “discover” such a perfect wave just a few kilometers from Lima, the capital. There it was, a massive beach break with perfect barrels. One of those waves that are rare to find. […]