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07 Feb 2017

A walk to Gocta Waterfall – Photo Gallery: Amazonas

The alarm sounds, I wake up, it’s still dark, it’s 5am. We have a good breakfast, store some fruits, eggs, plenty of water and we leave early to walk the nearly 6kms trek that leads to the skirts of the Gocta waterfall. We walk between trees, in zig-zag and with ascents and descents. I only think of how incredible it is to walk through this forest, between pure plants breathing fresh air and sweating in unusual amounts, listening to the […]

19 Sep 2016


When I started to walk towards the concentration camp, I started to think that the road I was walking was the same one some years before the prisoners of the Nazis had to walk. A path that probably was the last for thousands of them. Then I reached a wall where I could read fragments of texts written by prisoners that prickled my skin. 35,000 prisoners are drive on the “Death March” “Even in our worst nightmares we could not […]

09 Sep 2016

Marathon in Los Andes: Sierra Andina Marathon

The last week I got the opportunity to cover an event that has been the most demanding I´ve done so far. It was a marathon of 44km through the Santa Cruz trail, in the Huascaran National Park, located in the department of Ancash, in the central highlands of Peru, where you get to pass over 4,750 meters at the highest point of the trail. I camped one day before the race at 4,400 meters above sea level in one of […]

25 Aug 2016

INFORMAL MINING: River Madre de Dios

A month ago I visit Madre de Dios. I stayed in Los Amigos Biological Station that was four hours upstream Madre de Dios river, where it converges with Los Amigos river. While on the boat, I could see a huge number of informal/illegal mining camps. This mining causes pollution of rivers by using mercury to extract gold. In 2011, 97% of the gold extracted in Madre de Dios came from informal or illegal operations, and employed over 18,000 people, according to […]